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  • Wattman Kiddie Train-Trackless Train

    Posted on April 13th, 2010 admin No comments

    The Kiddie Express Has Arrived!

    This train is battery powered with 12 batteries and built with exceptional craftsmanship and quality. Environmentally friendly and make for both indoor or outdoor use. The entire train has new paint, new gloss coating on wood sections, all new tires, new advertising frames, complete train cover, new, new hardware and safety locks, safety nets, and other details that made this train an immediate attraction to your local mall. The roof of each car has been refurbished with new spray and coating, new decorative screws, and attention to detail.

    This train is a fabulous local business that generates great revenue at $3 per ride. With the right location you can make back your investment in less than 6 months. Whether you offer to private parties, corporate events, or local mall events or full time as a kids amusement ride there is no train that comes close to the Wattman trains.

    Before you continue educate yourself on the Wattmans trains at manufactures website:

    Download the spec sheet, watch the video, and look at all the accessories.

    The Wattman trains NEW go for approx $60k. I have made this train look as good and generate as much money for half the cost. Please email me all your questions and look at pictures. The Wattman train revolution has begun and large companies to indvidual owners are expanding into malls in states like Texas, California, Florida and Japan. I dare you to go to a mall that doesnt have a train not picture this amazing train in your home town.

    This train is in great condition but is sold used and in as-is condition as every resale item is. Everything works on the train and is safe and operable. This train has been inspected and parts replaced as needed and is ready for delivery, set up and your grand opening. It has everything you need to generate immediate income and you wont need to fix up once you get it I have done that for you.

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