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  • Professional roller hockey rink w/cleaning machine

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    Regulation size (185′ x 85′) 14,000 sq. ft. interlocking floor system made by Sport Court. Includes 4′ x 6′ high tempered glass walls and perimeter nets; 4 player gates; 2 penalty gates; 2′ x 8′ electronic scoreboard (Nevco Model 4555-D) w/MPAN control panel, cable. etc.; removable goals w/nets; all assembly hardware; 334 pair of in-line roller skates (sizes 1-12); and lots of sticks, pads, etc. The Zamboni Advance HR/2800 cleaning machine sold new for $13,000. System is disassembled and stored in two 53′ semi trailers (included). Available in Missouri. $67,995. Subject to availability when ordered. Financing available for qualified US buyer. TMAECH ad ref. #067.

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