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  • 1993 ‘Tee’d Off’ pinball

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    Made by Premier Technology. 4-player machine. Ready for tee time? Premier creates an appealing tongue-in-cheek golf-themed Gottlieb pinball game in “Tee’d Off.” It even has Gunther the mechanical dancing gopher atop the backglass. Gunther taunts players as they try to complete pitches, putts, and holes-in-one. In actuality, he is a spinning mechanism used to spot letters. Gunther appears on the backglass as well, along with frustrated golfers. The game has been designed and produced with great attention to mechanical detail. The playfield is a giant fairway dotted with characteristic golfing challenges and a scorecard where the Big Score is registered. Available fully shopped with 30-day limited parts replacement warranty for an additional $400. Subject to availability when ordered. TMAECH ad ref. #460.

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