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  • Portable Inflatable shooting gallery, range,

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    This shooting gallery is made by Media Vision

    2004 Model in good condition.

    12 X 12 X 24
    10 LED targets- 2 Oscillating Speed COntrollers-10 Different Sounds-Ball Return- 2 Seperate Scoreboards- Blower- and
    I have the 1000 balls and 2 guns and extra acessiores for it.

    This would be great to rent out for Birthday Parties, festivals,shooting clubs,motorcycle rallies,barbecue events,schools, colleges,universertys,great for target pactice, or just keep it for the big kids to play is up and running in less than 2-3 mins., it has some attention getting ability w/ beautiful graphics on three sides, it would be A great money maker if you a festival vendor for sure.
    We can talk about shipping options.
    If you have any questions please call 704-706-7099 Anton

    click for photos and more info

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